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Onjali Q. Raúf with children attended the Barnes Children Literature Festival Schools Programme

Terms and Conditions: Barnes Children’s Literature Festival Primary SchoolsProgramme

The Primary Schools’ Programme is delivered by the Barnes Children’s Literature Festival Community Interest Company (the ‘Festival’).

These Primary Schools’ Programme Terms and Conditions form part of the Terms and Conditions of the Barnes Children’s Literature Festival.

The Primary Schools’ Programme comprises a number of events.  For the removal of doubt, an ‘event’ is a single performance that is delivered in a Festival venue. All Primary Schools’ Programme events are ticketed, all tickets are free of charge and tickets are only available on application.


Tickets to Primary Schools’ Programme events can only be accessed by filling out and submitting the online booking form available via the Primary Schools’ Programme pages of the Festival website:

Primary Schools’ Programme tickets are subject to availability. The applicant booking on behalf of their school will receive a booking confirmation email from the Festival.

Schools may not book more than one year group per event. This allows more schools to take part.

The Festival reserves the right to alter the Primary Schools’ Programme without notice in the unlikely event that it is necessary to do so.

Primary Schools’ Programme tickets may not be sold. Tickets that are sold are void.

A condition of booking events for the Schools’ Programme is that the school agrees to distribute the Festival programme to the school community, either as a physical copy or as a PDF.  If the school does not agree to this, bookings from that school cannot be accepted.

Amending a booking

If a school needs to change or amend their booking in any way, this must be done as soon as possible by email to .

The school representative will receive an email from the Festival confirming the outcome of the change request. Depending on the nature of the request, the Festival cannot guarantee that the request will be accommodated (eg. a request to increase your group size or a request to switch to a different event).

School Cancellations

If a school needs to cancel a booking or part of a booking, the school must inform the Festival as soon as possible as the Festival may be able to reassign seats to another class or school from its waiting list.

To cancel a booking or part of a booking, a school must submit a Schools’ ProgrammeCancellation Form, which can be found on the Venue booking webpage.

The Festival will follow up the cancellation notification with an email confirmation to the school’s representative, confirming that the cancellation notification has been received.  

In the unlikely event that a class or school fails to attend the event they have booked, or that a class or school cancels a booking within 30 days of the event date, the Festival reserve the right to apply a cancellation fee of £2.50 per ticket booked, which will be invoiced to the school.

The Festival understand that absences happen, so no charge will be incurred if only a few members of a class or school are unable to attend.

Event Cancellations

In the event of the cancellation of an event, the Festival will not be held responsible for any expenses, such as transport or sustenance incurred by the school or class.

Rules of Admission to Primary Schools’ Programme eventss

A valid booking confirmation email must be produced in order to gain access to an event.
“Valid” means that the booking confirmation email must be for the event that the class or school wishes to enter.
Please check the date, time, venue and event on the booking confirmation email. Every effort will be made to rectify mistakes but this cannot always be done after the booking confirmation email has been issued.
The booking confirmation email remains the property of the Festival.
The Festival reserves the right to alter a promoted event at short notice should the unlikely need arise. In this case, the Festival will not be obliged to exchange a booking. This does not affect your statutory rights.
The Festival cannot be held liable or responsible for loss of or damage to a class or school’spersonal property at any event or venue, nor in transit to or from an event or venue.
The use of any recording equipment is strictly forbidden.


Conditions of Entry to Festival Venues

The Festival reserves the right to refuse entry to attendees and/or to enforce removal of any individual from a venue in certain situations including if the attendee, whether an adult or a child:

Breaches a term or condition of the booking confirmation.
Is under the age of 11 and is not accompanied by an adult.
Is abusive to Festival volunteers, staff and/or other members of the audience.
Is disruptive to any session, event and/or activity of the Festival.
Causes or contributes to any issue of safety to any members of the audience, staff, volunteers or events.
Breaches or causes the Festival to breach conditions of hire of a venue used by the Festival.


Photography and filming

Official Festival photographers and film crews may be present at Primary Schools’ Programme events. The output from any filming or photography will only be used for Festival reporting and for promotional purposes. Schools may be named but individuals names are never disclosed.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: .

The recording or filming of Festival events or other activities by audience members is strictly prohibited.


The Festival’s liability to the class or school is limited to the purchase price of the ticketsordered by the class or school.


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