Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

Date: Thursday 11 June 2020
Time: 11.30am
Venue: Barnes Green
Suitability: Key Stage 1, Years 1 - 2



Everybody knows that eggs have a pointy top and a big bottom so when an odd egg turns up with a big head and a pointy bottom the other eggs don’t know what to make of it! Can they make the odd egg conform to Normal Egg Standards? Join bestselling picture book pair Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, creators of the hilarious Supertato series, for their brand new title which shows that every egg can be eggs-troadinary!

Sue Hendra studied illustration at Brighton University while selling doughnuts from a kiosk at Chessington Zoo. Paul Linnet studied graphic design at Derby University and played guitar in a band called The Chihuahuas. When they met they fell instantly in love and started writing and illustrating together and between them they’ve produced more than 100 silly stories including I Need A Wee which won the Laugh Out Loud Award Book Awards in 2016, and Norman’s New Shell which won the Sainsbury’s Book Award in 2018, They live in Brighton.

Focus: Writing your own funny stories/Exploring what it means to be different
Booklist: Egg


60 minutes

Venue details:
Main Marquee

Barnes Green, Beside Barnes Pond, Station Road, Barnes SW13 ONH

Accessibility information:

This venue is fully accessible and has disabled toilets available.

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