Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson

Date: Friday 12 June 2020
Time: 10.00am
Venue: Barnes Green
Suitability: Key Stage 2, Years 5 - 6



Cole is the odd one out at his school where the other kids have all the latest gadgets and trainers while his family struggles to make ends meet. When he tells a little white lie and ends up on television hailed as a boy genius he finds himself in big trouble. How can he break free? Multi award winning author Lisa Thompson will talk about her first experiences as a young writer (aged nine!) and the inspirations behind her latest book The Boy Who Fooled The World. She’ll also talk about her favourite hoaxes and how it isn’t always a good idea to believe everything you read.

The Times newspaper calls Lisa Thompson ‘one of our most inventive writers for children.’ She worked as a radio broadcast assistant first at the BBC, and then for an independent production company making plays and comedy programmes, where she made tea for lots of famous people. Her acclaimed debut The Goldfish Boy was nominated for the Carnegie Medal, the Branford Boase Award and the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize in 2017 and was followed by The Light Jar which won the Children’s Book Award in 2019. Her novella Owen and the Soldier is shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Award 2020. Lisa lives in Suffolk with her family.

Focus: Generating unusual ideas for creative writing, Exploring the media
Booklist: The Boy Who Fooled the World


60 minutes

Venue details:
Main Marquee

Barnes Green, Beside Barnes Pond, Station Road, Barnes SW13 ONH

Accessibility information:

This venue is fully accessible and has disabled toilets available.

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