Joshua Seigal

Joshua Seigal

Date: Friday 12 June 2020
Time: 11.30am
Venue: Barnes Green
Suitability: Key Stage 2, Years 3 - 6



Get ready for the craziness to begin! Award winning performance poet Joshua Seigal shows that poetry is more than just reading and writing with this highly interactive event based on his new poetry collection Welcome to My Crazy Life, packed full of silly, funny and downright hilarious poems on every topic from demon cats as to why you should NEVER forget your trousers!

Joshua Seigal is an Oxford educated poet, performer and educator who wrote his first poem when he was five years old. He has received rave reviews for his poetry shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe but says he usually ends up performing in front of his mirror using a hairbrush as a microphone. His collection I Don’t Like Poetry was a winner in the Primary Teacher Awards and nominated for the 2017 Laugh Out Loud Book Awards. Josh lives in London.

Focus: Having fun with poetry 
Booklist: Welcome to My Crazy Life  


60 minutes

Venue details:
Main Marquee

Barnes Green, Beside Barnes Pond, Station Road, Barnes SW13 ONH

Accessibility information:

This venue is fully accessible and has disabled toilets available.

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