The Not So Feeble Tor Freeman

Want to learn how to draw an emotional sausage (who doesn't, right)? Tor Freeman is your lady! Renowned and prolific children's illustrator, Tor, is coming to Barnes with author Michelle Robinson to talk about their latest book, the infectiously funny Ten Fat Sausages. You may well already have some of her books in your kid's collection – her drawings have featured in Michael Morpurgo writings and The Wind in The Willows, and she has her own popular Olive series too. Well worth a look for little ones from around 4 years old. Just don't mention walking sharks, OK?

Barnes Children’s Literature Festival: What would you be doing if you weren’t an amazing illustrator and author?

Tor Freeman: I would love to have been a botanical artist or a wildlife photographer.

BCLF: The best thing about what I do is…

TF: There are so many great things! I like meeting other authors and illustrators, I like talking about books, and I love drawing characters that make me laugh and hoping they’ll make others laugh too!

BCLF: My favourite word is …

TF: Feeble.

BCLF: My greatest fear is…

TF: Sharks growing legs.

BCLF: My hidden talent is…

TF: I can move my ears up and down.

BCLF: My superpower is…

TF: I’m fairly handy!

BCLF: Who is your favourite literary villain? 

TF: He’s more of an antihero than a villain, but I absolutely love Geoffrey Willans’ and Ronald Searle’s Nigel Molesworth.

BCLF: If you could ask another author a question, who would you ask and what would the question be?

TF: I would ask PG Wodehouse to put me as a character in one of his books, and then I’d show off to everyone about it!

BCLF: You’re the fantasy festival programmer. Who would you love to see come to Barnes?

TF: Now: Carson Ellis. From the past: William Steig.

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