The magic of Hogwarts

The magic of Hogwarts

Wands were at the ready for this hilarious one-woman Harry Potter fan show, led by the spectacularly energetic Fleurble Laffalott, super-assistant to the Professor of Potter. “Put two hands and your feet in the air if you’re a Harry Potter fan!” she roared, and every hand (and foot) in the Barnes Book Marquee was up in seconds.

A homage to all things Hogwarts, Fleurble (rhymes with gerbil) led the highly overexcited crowd through a house sorting session and straight on to spells, performing a spectacular Wingardium Leviosa with a little help from a girl named Ellie – and everyone in the marquee.

From there it was straight on to potions, where a very strong test tube of polyjuice potion (disguised as blackcurrant squash) and the hair of a dad plucked from the audience allowed Fleurble to perform a spectacular transformation…

She wrapped up with a slow motion Quidditch match with balloons for bludgers, and a very funny looking snitch, before handing out fistfuls of bookmarks to a very eager, and by now very giggly, crowd.

Magic indeed.

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