A stand up time with Michael Rosen

By Saskia Calliste

From the Stone Age to the Lone Ranger

Michael Rosen outside the marquee. Photo credit: Liesel Bockl, 2019.

Before the show had even begun, eager parents and children were flooding into the packed out Book Marquee to grab a snap with legendary children’s author Michael Rosen. “1,2,3 smiling” he said to each new crowd of kids.

As his microphone was already on, we could all hear the conversation he was having with little Ted from St Mary’s Twickenham, who had a bone to pick with Michael about an unanswered letter. I’m sure you’ll get a response now Ted after that telling off!

Michael certainly redeemed himself with his hilarious trip down memory lane – all the way back to the stone age, where he apparently went to school – and had the audience in fits of laughter. He isn’t just a fab storyteller, he has a gift for getting everyone in the audience involved. Nobody who was there will forget Michael Rosen making them act out the opening credits of the 50’s TV show The Lone Ranger.

Michael wasn’t alone in bringing joy to the crowd. Halfway through his performance, we had a visit from the We’re Going on a Bear Hunt bear! Then another legend turned up in the audience, author Lynne Reid Banks, who had the final word, reciting a poem that flew right over the kids’ heads and directly into the ears of parents – naughty Lynne!

Michael has written over 100 books, plays and poetry collections, including We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, No Breathing in ClassMind Your Business and Fluff the Farting Fishing. His latest book A Dog’s Tale: Life Lessons for a Pup comes out next month. Here’s to your next 100 books Michael: it was an absolute pleasure!

Michael Rosen outside the marquee. Photo credit: Liesel Bockl, 2019.

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