Magic and myth with Ross Welford

By Sabrina Sadr

Time Travelling with a Hamster author Ross Welford urges aspiring young authors to keep trying.

Ross Welford giving his talk.

Ross Welford developed an interest in magic and mythology as a child although his first foray into the world of writing was not in children’s literature. It was after having children of his own he decided to write children’s books, he told his audience at Barnes Children’s Literary Festival 2019.

Stressing that it’s never too late or too early to start writing and to follow your dreams, he added that the key to success as a writer is to keep trying and that the journey to becoming a great writer is never over: ‘Even when you’re [rejected] so many times, as writers often are, you shouldn’t give up.’

When asked where the most magical place is for him, he responded: ‘The Magical Circle Headquarters, in London, where I just recently became a member.’

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