Lisa Thompson’s top writing tips

Lisa Thompson’s top writing tips

By Genevieve Ferris

Advice from the hit children’s author on how to write that book.


Lisa Thompson giving her talk. Photo Credit: Liesel Bockl 2019.


Lisa Thompson signing books. Photo Credit: Liesel Bockl 2019.


  1. Use Your Eyes And Ears

“It isn’t just about writing. I was creating ideas, stories and inventing fictional worlds long before I became a novelist. Stories are all around us if you use your eyes and ears. It started when I was four and wanted to be Wonder Woman – I spent hours inventing worlds imagining I was her. Then later on in my work at BBC radio, I listened to people reading plays and stories for hours, and I was always making up images in my mind about what I was hearing. I think that has really helped me with writing.”


  1. Seek Inspiration From Your Interests

“I have always loved reading books about fascinating trivia, and some of those facts and stories have stayed with me and helped me with the plots of my books. For example, when I was thinking about my latest book, ‘The Day I Was Erased’, I drew on the tale of the Mary Celeste and its missing crew which had mystified me as a kid, as well as one of my favourite films, It’s A Wonderful Life.”


  1. Embrace Deadlines

“Sometimes I think procrastination is the longest stage of my writing process! And I think it’s the same for most writers, or would-be writers. I can be distracted by anything – football, the kettle and biscuit tin, Instagram, funny pictures on Twitter…. So for me, deadlines are helpful. They focus my mind. When I decided I wanted to write a book (something I had thought about since I was 9!) I gave myself a year to write a first draft and get an agent. I think giving myself that deadline was what helped me get it done.”

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