Karen Inglis on Self-Publishing

Karen Inglis on Self-Publishing

By Kathleen Neighbours

Top tips for budding authors

Karen Inglis.


Karen Inglis’s book How to Self-Publish and Market a Children’s Book.


Karen Inglis is a best-selling Amazon author who decided to self-publish after receiving rejections early on in her writing career. She has now published five children’s titles on Amazon, as well as her book on self-publishing, How to Self-Publish and Market a Children’s Book. Here are her top tips!

Be prepared to go out and meet your audience.

Know the age group you are writing for and how best to reach them. Comparing pricing for your market will also help you set your price (along with a royalty calculator).

Join the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi).

This organisation can provide advice and support as well as trusted third-party contacts. Which leads us to…

Use professional editors and illustrators.

Quality is key. Above all, Karen advises children’s authors NOT to design their own cover. Using a professional will make your book look its best.

When finding an illustrator, be sure to establish copyright ownership.

Think about how much direction or freedom you are giving your illustrator when considering this.

E-books are a useful marketing support tool.

Using services such as KDP Print (which is owned by Amazon) will allow you to create an e-book quite easily. When listing your book on Amazon, be sure to think of the keywords your audience is most likely to use to find a book like yours.

Finally, you are in charge of your own marketing and PR.

Start local: libraries, bookshops, schools, and any local events are a good place to start marketing your book. Online platforms are also very useful. Anyone thinking of self-publishing should be sure to have a website at the very least, and some social media channels won’t hurt.


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