How to write a great story

By Saskia Calliste

Top tips from Caroline Lawrence. 

Caroline Lawrence with her latest book Time Travel Diaries at Kitson Hall.

Bestselling author of The Roman Mysteries and P K Pinkerton series, Caroline has mastered Greek mythology, Roman quests and more recently time travel; and now she’s sharing her secrets for writing great stories!

After introducing her latest novel, The Time Travel Diaries, Caroline took her festival fans through the seven key components of a great story. Here’s a spoiler: the first thing you need is a problem. All heroes have them, it’s just the way it has to be.

You can study her secret formula more closely when her new book How to Write a Great Story hits the shelves on 22nd August 2019. Illustrated by Linzie Hunter, it’s full of fun drawings, helpful tips and extracts of some of Caroline’s own favourites stories.

Caroline Lawrence signing books at Kitson Hall.

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