Ed Vere introduced his new character Grumpy Frog to a packed hall, reports Sian Kissock.

The award-winning illustrator started by asking children what they love to draw. Answers ranged from big cats, dinosaurs and slugs to flowers, fruit and pirate ships. The audience read Banana together – a picture book about a monkey with a banana and another who wants it, but has to learn to say the magic word first.


Ed’s reading of his new book Grumpy Frog was just as lively. The book is all about a frog who is not actually grumpy; he just loves hopping and winning, and becomes very unhappy if he doesn’t get his own way. He wants it to be his birthday every day – well, who doesn’t, Ed argues! Grumpy Frog only likes the colour green and absolutely detests pink – which proves problematic when he encounters the Pink Rabbit and a green, snappy twist in the tale.

There was no room for shyness as Ed got the audience to fist-pump, shout out words and phrases and answer questions about the colours they liked, whether they’ve ever said sorry and the last time they had a tantrum. Unsurprisingly, the answers drew a lot of laughs from the adults.

KidsLitFest2017Day1-0096The talk was followed by a session where everyone learned to draw their very own Grumpy Frogs.

How to draw your own Grumpy Frog

Step 1: The eyes have it!


Step 2: Add frowny eyebrows and his face.


Step 3: A grumpy mouth.


Step 4: Add sulky lips.


Step 5: Pop on legs and arms – and you’re done!



Images by; @LieselBockl

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