Harry Hill’s Five Funniest Moments at Barnes

Words by Leanna Coleman

Harry Hill, comedian, presenter and newly published author of ‘Matt Millz’, took the stage and left everyone in fits of laughter on Sunday morning.

Harry pulling his classic pose at Barnes

“By watching comedians then going into school the next day and telling jokes I got attention, people laughed at me, and I liked that,” Harry admitted. He’s here to talk about he’s new book ‘Matt Milz’ , where the main character, Matt is a portrayal of Harry as a child – a dreamer who wants to be a stand-up comedian. From the passage that he read to us, Matt dreams he has made it as a worldwide comedian but it also turned him into an obnoxious child, until he wakes up. Harry left us in suspense about what happens next.

I was filled with ‘You’ve Been Framed’ nostalgia for an hour – his voice is certainly distinct. But, as expected, the talk was hilarious, amusing and the whole audience were in hysterics the moment he set foot on stage. It was hard to pick, but here are his five funniest moments, where the audience were falling off their chairs with laughter.

  1. Making a man quack like a duck and then throwing pieces of bread at him.  “How do you like it!” Harry laughed.
  1. Spraying the audience with a giant plastic champagne bottle and then hauling out a giant hairdryer. Those who faced getting wet were still laughing. Those who were dry laughed even harder.
  1. The Bob Marley TV Show Game. Harry Hill isn’t actually a bad singer. However, Harry Hill’s TV Burp is not coming back he confirmed…
  1. Five or six children shouting their favourite comedian was in fact, Harry Hill.  “You’re taking the mick now,” Harry joked.
  1. The ‘Barnes Has Talent’ segment, where ten children took the stage and told their best joke. The eleventh child represented the ‘laughometer’. His arm stopped moving after the second joke! “Has he fallen asleep,” Harry teased.
Harry used audience participation to engage the kids even more in his event
Harry used a kid from the audience's arm for his 'Laughometer'

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