Francesca Simon presents the final Horrid Henry book

By Sarah Robertson

Horrid Henry author Francesca Simon has completed the final book in her series with Up Up and Away, she told Barnes Children’s Literature Festival organisers today.

Francesca Simon giving her talk on the Horrid Henry Series. Photo Credit: Liesel Bockl 2019.

Appearing at the festival to promote her latest work and discuss how she developed the bestselling Horrid Henry Series, she said she will now be moving into focus on new characters for the publishers Faber and Faber. After completing the 25th Horrid Henry book, she said it was a good number at which to stop.

When asked her advice for budding young Barnes writers, she responded: ‘Always keep an ideas book and finish the stories you start. Don’t forget you can always write your ending first.’

Francesca Simon signing books. Photo Credit: Liesel Bockl 2019.

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