Everyone’s favourite poet: Michael Rosen

It was standing room only in the big tent for the one and only Michael Rosen, and from the moment people started filing in – and Michael started directing the flow of traffic – he was just as warm, funny, brilliant and clever as usual.

Michael started out explaining to the kids that he was born at the end of the Stone Age, 3,071 years ago. (He knows it was the Stone Age because Michael Gove told him so. Don’t get him started!) Back then they watched rocks instead of television. Slept on rocks. Sat on rocks. Went to bed on a rock. You get the idea…

Soon enough a chorus of fans were joining in as he slipped seamlessly into some of his best and boldest poetry.

Michael: “We had a teacher who was so strict,
you weren’t allowed to breathe in her lessons
She used to stand at the front going,

Every child in the tent: “NO BREATHING!”

There were more joys to come from Michael’s Big Book of Bad Things and towards the end he even remembered to talk about his new book, Uncle Gobb and the Green Heads, before signing hundreds of copies – a warm smile and a quick word for everyone who waited patiently in line to meet him.

Images by; @LieselBockl

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