Laughing and learning with Christopher Lloyd

By Saskia Calliste

We all wish Chris was our teacher. 

Christopher Lloyd signing books at Barnes Methodist Church.

15 objects in the 15 pockets of Chris’s magical, history-telling coat were all that he needed to capture the audience and power through the most important moments in history. From a bottle of Scottish water to a pair of knitting needles, Chris had everyone laughing and learning, whilst he discussed his latest book Absolutely Everything. Summing up the whole universe in just 352 pages, Chris’s book leaves no stone unturned, including the creation of the universe, the significance of the olive and how KFC should be renamed KFD because birds are essentially dinosaurs – thanks Chris, we all know what we won’t be having for dinner tonight!

It was Chris’s first time at Barnes Festival, but we do hope it won’t be his last!

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