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Lisa Stickley: On Books and Blancmange

The lovely Lisa Stickley is an all round creative power house, bursting with beautiful design ideas and writing and illustrating the cutest children’s books (Handstand, My New Room, Dress Like Mummy and her latest offering, The New Baby). We caught up with her to chat about books, blancmange and everything in between (just don’t mention FROGS!)
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Writing Tips and School Assembly Slips by Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson is one of those rare authors that seemed to burst into children's literature to instant and spectacular success. Her first book, 'The Goldfish Boy' was published in 2017 and quickly became a bestseller that was published all around the world and nominated for a raft of awards including the Carnegie Medal. Her second novel, 'The Light Jar' was published this year to similar acclaim. Read on for her advice on getting started with writing and what she'd be doing if she weren't wowing kids around the world with her thought-provoking yet deeply entertaining reads. Clue: It's not singing.
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In conversation with Nick Ostler and Mark Huckerby

Mark Huckerby and Nick Ostler are the Emmy-winning and Bafta-nominated writing partnership behind most of your kids favourite TV shows – Peter Rabbit, Danger Mouse and Shaun The Sheep, to name but a few. Excitingly, they are also currently scripting a new TV show of some of our all time favourite kids lit characters, The Moomins. We can hardly wait! Not happy with conquering the world of TV, this eye-wateringly busy writing duo are a force to be reckoned with in the world of kids books too. If your kids haven't tried their fantastic adventure series, 'Defender of the Realm', we highly recommend it.
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Paper bags and potholes by Clara Vulliamy

Clara Vulliamy is an author and illustrator who has children’s books running through her blood. As it turns out even her jokes have a literary twist. The daughter of Shirley Hughes (who doesn’t own Dogger or an Alfie book?) Clara chose to follow in her family’s footsteps with a career in illustrating and writing children’s books. Hugely successful, she has trodden her own distinctive path. You will know her as the illustrator and writer of many well-loved book series including Dotty the Detective, Mango and Bambang, and Martha and the Bunny Brothers books. Just don’t ask her to go potholing (or look in a paper bag), OK?
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Puppets, paints and superpowers with Polly Dunbar

When it comes to bedtime stories, they don't get much better than the books of multi-award winning author and illustrator Polly Dunbar. Her 'Tilly' book series is so well-loved that it's been turned into a BBC cartoon, the wonderful 'Penguin' is way up in our picture book hall of fame, and her latest offering 'A Lion for a Lion' has all the hallmarks of a classic in the making. Polly has that rare gift of making books and illustrations that kids want to look at over and over again, and that parents genuinely enjoy re-reading to their childrenAll this, and she has a superpower that means NO MORE TIDYING. Seriously, we'll have whatever Polly's having please.
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