Free Programme

Calling all new, independent & aspiring authors: be part of our Free Programme

Applications for our Free Programme for 2021 are now closed. Soz!

Yep. We do save a few spots at London’s largest children’s books event for new, aspiring and independent authors as part of our Free Programme. So if you’ve got an amazing idea for a family-friendly event we want to hear from you.

We’re offering sessions of about 45 minutes or so for your reading. You can bring along your books, your bongos, art and craft, puzzles, puppets – anything you like that you think will wow the kids.

We receive a gigantic number of applications and we genuinely appreciate every one of them. Unfortunately  it’s just not possible to respond to everyone individually, so it you haven’t heard from us by the end of March, we’re very sorry but you weren’t selected this year.

Thanks so much for sharing –  and keep writing!

Love, the Barnes Children’s Literature Festival

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