Suddenly! Really Big Pants Theatre Company

10:00 am

Suddenly! Really Big Pants Theatre Company

10:00am to 11:00am - Sun 13 May 2018
Castelnau Community Centre


Suitable for ages 6+
Tickets £5 per person

Ready for a quest that puts a twist in the tail of traditional tales?  Red loves bedtime stories with Grandma. But one evening, as they settle down with ‘Once upon a time…’, they are interrupted by their wiley neighbour, Mr Wolfe, and a race begins to save their treehouse from a faulty genie and a wicked stepmother with a penchant for shopping all before midnight! Help with a very special spell, ride on a flying carpet, and battle some bad manners!

Following their sold-out performance last year, Really Big Pants Theatre Company return with their awesome storytelling show, SUDDENLY…!, and a brand new chapter book, featuring two further adventures for Grandma and Red!


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