Maz Evans

4:00 pm

Maz Evans

4.00pm to 5.00pm - Sat 11 May 2019
Kitson Hall


Suitable for ages 7+
Tickets £6 per person

Bestselling author Maz Evans takes you on an odyssey through her hilarious series Who Let the Gods Out? and introduces Greek mythology as you’ve never seen it before! Packed with giggles and games, who will be crowned the King or Queen of the Gods in the audience?

Since her earliest days, Mary Evans has dreamed of a glamorous and lucrative career. But despite her repeated applications to The Only Way is Essex, she has had to settle for life as a writer and spends her days scribbling for page and stage. Before she hit the big time as the author of the award winning mega-bestselling Who Let the Gods Out? series Maz worked as a TV journalist. She is also a scriptwriter, playwright, lyricist, lecturer, pundit, poet, dinner lady, and whatever else pays the gas bill. Maz is also the creator of Story Stew, an anarchic creative writing programme that has toured hundreds of schools around the UK.

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