Family Concert with Professor Adam Ockelford & Derek Paravicini

2:30 pm

Family Concert with Professor Adam Ockelford & Derek Paravicini

2:30pm to 3:30pm - Sun 13 May 2018
St Mary’s Church


Suitable for all ages
Tickets £5 per person

Join the internationally renowned autistic pianist Derek Paravicini and his mentor Professor Adam Ockelford,​ for this very special interactive musical event suitable for families with children of all abilities.

Adam Ockelford is Professor of Music at Roehampton University, where he directs the Applied Music Research Centre. He is the author of numerous books and appears regularly on radio and television. His TED Talk with musical savant Derek Paravicini has been viewed over one million times and been translated into twenty-five languages.

Derek Paravicini started to teach himself the piano when he was just two years old. He shot to fame when he was nine playing jazz with the Royal Philharmonic Pops Orchestra and is regarded as one of the most extraordinary pianists and musical entertainers of his generation. Yet he is blind, autistic and has severe learning difficulties. Dubbed ‘The Human iPod’ in America, Derek has a repertoire of tens of thousands of pieces that he has memorised in jazz, pop and light classical, all learnt very rapidly. He plays entirely by ear and is a great improviser and his playing has thrilled audiences at venues around the world, from Ronnie Scott’s to Las Vegas and the Barbican to Buckingham Palace.

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