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The UK’s dedicated children’s literature festival is lovingly produced by local families and more than 150+ unpaid volunteers and none of us receives any payment for our time and contributions.

This means that we can use 100% of the revenue we receive from ticket sales towards making the book magic happen for thousands of families from all over London and beyond.

Barnes is also home to the largest FREE literature festival schools programme in the UK and in 2024, over 15,000 primary school children will attend our specially curated curriculum linked sessions and for most of these kids this will be their first live literature experience.

Just imagine what we could achieve if we could get our hands on some big bucks?

But at Barnes we reckon partnerships are more than payment. Sure, we can make some space for your logo on our posters and programmes but we like to think we’re better than that. Our partnering approach strives to make every single collaboration meaningful for our audience at the same time as providing plenty of new and exciting ways to express your brand. We know how to speak to families, because we are families.

So if you’re interested in helping us make the magic happen, then we’d love to hear from you at

Please consider making a donation so that we can continue to bring you the Barnes you love. Whatever you can give will make a big difference.

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