Beyond the page

Have you ever wondered what a cross between a witch and a mermaid would be like? Author Sibéal Pounder invited her festival audience to find out.
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The true story behind Cloud Boy

Master storyteller Marcia Williams, author and illustrator of Mr William Shakespeare’s Plays, Greek Myths for Young Children and Three Cheers for Woman and many many more, has written her first novel!
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It’s a full house with Emma Carroll

Emma Carroll signing books. A talk that opens with ‘Duran Duran’ and embarrassing childhood pictures of a bad 70’s haircut, is only going to go one way – absolutely hilariously. ‘The Letters from the Lighthouse’ author kicked things off at Barnes Methodist Church, discussing all things old and new in the life…
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How to write a great story

Bestselling author of The Roman Mysteries and P K Pinkerton series, Caroline has mastered Greek mythology, Roman quests and more recently time travel; and now she's sharing her secrets for writing great stories!
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