Ed Vere reveals the power of a simple circle

There was no time for shyness at Ed Vere’s Festival talk, says Anthony Pius. Children and their parents had an hour full of fun and laughter, with a live drawing session of his famous character Max the brave kitten. When it comes to Ed Vere’s illustrations, it all starts with…
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The Etherington Brothers share their comic book genius

Who better to show us how to create a totally unique and unputdownable comic than The Etherington Brothers? Juliet Vandensteen meets the dynamic duo. Robin and Lorenzo Etherington are the whacky duo behind comic creations including Long Gone Don, The Dangerous Adventures of Von Doogan and Monkey Nuts. In addition…
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How to draw Barry Loser by Jim Smith

The creative mind behind the Barry Loser series on how to draw his big-nosed characters, smelly dog poo (yes, really!) and other brilliantly gross cartoon images. Juliet Vandensteen took a front row seat. Clutching their pencils and clipboards full of paper, the children stared up in anticipation as Jim Smith…
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Writing a detective story with Robin Stevens

Author Robin Stevens knows just the right ingredients to whip up a gripping murder mystery novel… Bethany Park investigates.   Introduced as “The Queen of Children’s Crime Novels”, Robin Stevens’ Festival talk was full of mysteries, villains, iced-bun breaks and exclusive lessons in how to write your own detective story.…
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Fun and Games with Gyles and Saethryd Brandreth

Games devotee Gyles Brandreth, his writer daughter, Saethryd, and her son, Rory, are on a mission to bring back the traditional games that all the family can play, says Bethany Park. They brought fun to the Festival on Saturday – previewing some of the 286 games in their book, The Lost…
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Jacqueline Wilson brings her wonderful world to the Barnes Booktop

Best known for creating characters such as Tracey Beaker and Hetty Feather, Dame Jacqueline Wilson has spent her life writing novels that present serious topics with childlike innocence. The Barnes Booktop Marquee was full to bursting as she took to the stage to introduce her 104th book, Rent a Bridesmaid.…
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Dynamic duo Lauren Child and David Mackintosh on their creative marriage

Lauren Child, the creative genius behind children’s classics Charlie and Lola, Ruby Redfort and Clarice Bean, and her graphic design guru David Mackintosh, were one of the highlights of the Barnes Children’s Literature Festival. Sagal Mohammed listened in as they revealed the secrets of their working relationship. The children were…
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Become a ghost hunter with Jonathan Stroud

  If you think you know what to do in the event of a ghost, think again, says Bethany Park. Jonathan Stroud shares his tips on how to become a ghost hunter, based on his gripping Lockwood & Co book series. So, how can we tackle a ghost? You have to…
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Feminism, gender, identity and love: why young adult fiction matters

  Books are a window onto the world and a platform for discovery. That was the message when the authors of some of the UK’s bestselling young adult fiction, Sarah Crossan, Holly Bourne, Lisa Williamson and Clare Furniss gathered for a thought-provoking discussion. Sagal Mohammed listened in. Chaired by Katherine…
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5 things we found out about author of Once, Morris Gleitzman

Carnegie Medal nominee Morris Gleitzman talks to Tom Collins about the authors and books that inspired him to write and how his heroes in Once got their names. 1.He wasn’t born in Australia. He was brought up in Sleaford and is the town’s second most famous resident after… Jennifer Saunders “I…
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