Professor Robert Winston

2:00 pm

Professor Robert Winston

2.00pm to 3.00pm - Sun 14 May
Barnes Methodist Church

We are sorry but this event is sold out.

Suitable for ages 8+
Tickets £5 per person – SOLD OUT

The eminent scientist Professor Robert Winston explores our amazing body machine in this special lecture for children: from our intricately wired brain to our squeezing squelching guts and relentlessly pumping heart.

Professor Robert Winston is a world-renowned scientist and award-winning author. He went to school at St Paul’s School in Barnes before going on to study medicine at London Hospital Medical College. Professor Winston forged an international reputation as a pioneer in IVF treatment and became a household name thanks to his work on TV series like the Bafta- Award-winning The Human Body. In his dedication to demonstrating science in action, his TV appearances have seen him ride a high-speed rollercoaster and even freeze in an igloo. Professor Winston’s innovative popular science books for children include Utterly Amazing Science – winner of the Royal Society’s Young People’s Book Prize in 2015. The book is filled with fun facts and cool try-at-home experiments that will blow you away (hopefully not literally!).

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